About Us

China Canin electric group company is a high- -tech electrical product manufacturer of production, sales,research and development of electric power equipment as well as power engineering design, construction andtechnical services. The company has strong technical innovation capabilities of electrical products, having advanced production equipment and perfect inspection equipment and strong technical service system, is oneof the main suppliers of electric power equipment in China. At present, main products of the company are electric power transformers, sola power inverters, high voltage and low voltage switchgears, senior grade of H.V. gas insulated switchboards, indoor I outdoor high-voltage circuit breakers, 

Our Products

The main products of our company are transformers, switchgear, outdoor, indoor circuit breakers and so on, as well as power substation engineering services.

  • ZN12-40.5 Series Indoor vacuum breaker (3AF breaker)

  • GLX-24 Series SF6 Insulated Ring Main Unit

  • 40.5kV Solid Insulated Switchgear/RMU

  • LW36-72.5 / 126 Outdoor HV. AC. SF6 circuit breaker

  • HXGS Solid Insulated Electrical Switchgear

  • 35kv Class Ovdt Dry Type Distribution Transformer

  • 10kv~36kv Cast Resin Distribution Power Dry Type Transformer

  • 110kV Oil Immersed Power Transformer

  • ZW30-40.5 Series of outdoor high voltage vacuum circuit breakers

  • FLRN36-12D Indoor middle voltage SF6 load break switch

  • FZRN25-12/24D Indoor (connected) high voltage vacuum switch / fuse combiner

  • ZN63(VS1)-24 Indoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker

  • S11 Series Low loss energy-saving power transformer

  • SC (B) 10/11 Epoxy Cast Dry-Type Transformer

  • YBW-12Prefabricated /Compact Substations(Euro type)

  • ZBW(YB)17-10 Series HV./LV. Prefabricated (American type) Substation

  • MNS LV withdrawable switchgear

  • TBBZ高压无功自动补偿装置

  • KYN28-24 Metal enclosed middle-mounted switchgear

  • KYN61-40.5 Metal-clad draw-out AC. switchgear

Projects & Services

As a main supplier and a special manufacturer of key electrical equipment of electrical power projects in China, CANIN Co. will works with the first class professional power construction companies of china as a coNSORTIUM to contract various electrical engineering and projects in the world

  • L.V.Control room of power plant
  • H.V.Control room of power plant
  • Lightning arresters of power plant
  • main-transformer-of-power-plant
  • outgoing-overhead-transmission-lines-of-power-plant

EPCM Contracts Management

The consortium performs complex "turn-key" projects,starting from design stage,implementing procurement and delivery of equipment and materials

Capital construction

Construction of new objects requires responsible approach on the part of any, even very skilled, organization.The Holding undertakes such responsibil

Design engineering

Project development should be carried out by professional designers with substantial theoretical and practical introduction experience

Industrial equipment installation

In order to ensure an integrated approach to construction,consortium as an EPC-contractor takes up the responsibility for the delivery

Service maintenance

Service maintenance is one of the most intensively developing sectors in the repair market.

Rehabilitation of equipment reliability

Rehabilitation of reliability is restoration of working capacity and technical characteristics of the object.

Monitoring, diagnostics and maintenance

Maintenance, together with monitoring and diagnostics, allows not only to increase the life cycle of the equipment

Automatic process control introduction

Automation allows to improve the accuracy of processes, to reduce energy consumption and the materials/output ratio

Supply and Manufacture of equipment and spare parts

The product allows the Client to increase integration of any of the products and to satisfy individual needs of his production.

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